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the bay of bengal ngapali beach

the last days of december, 2013. after a short early morning flight, our propeller-driven plane sets foot on ngapali beach airport. as soon as we step out into the morning sun, the last days of trekking and the cold morning mist sitting on inle lake seems like a lifetime away. the place is supposed to look and feel like thailand - around 15 years ago!

the sand is of fine grain and yellow in color, the palm trees seem to grow until the shore. our room has a perfect view, the bay of bengal is just a stone throw away. through palm leafs from our balcony we can see the waves, while we sit on our teak chairs and inhale the fine fragrances of the salty breeze. 

we celebrate new year’s eve with a big bonfire and seafood right on the beach. unfortunately my stomach is not in the best condition, but i drag myself out of bed for midnight, put on my sarong and stumble through the dark to join the others by the water. being so remote and on foreign soil, it feels good to have some familiar faces around during this night.

days of chillaxing, beach time and snorkeling pass by. we experience close encounters with tropical fish, eels and even lion fish who hover under the rocks of a nearby island. our finnish captain U Andy brings us to a village of fishermen, curious kids follow us around. then we get to know his favorite beach bar, literally the only hut on the island off the main coast. his crew, which consists of a local dude and his son, keep a eye on the boat. we are the only five guests on the beach, three guys running the place and passing us cold myanmar beers. we play with hermit crabs and watch yet another sunset before we take the boat back to our place. 

U Andy lets me drive his tuk tuk for a while, which is not as easy to drive as one might think. a trike-like vehicle in bright orange with no fourth gear, since it is made in china - and the number four sounds like the word for death in mandarin. in the attempt to steer it on the one way road full of potholes, we almost end up in the bushes off road.

the end of the trip is near, so we have to say goodbye to tine and torben. after one last night in yangon we sit in the plane back home to singapore. as we push back on the tarmac, it is hard to accept that this impressive journey is supposed to be over.. 

Majulah, Singapura

random snapshots from my everyday life in SINcity. an overpass on beach road during lunch break, a public housing facade, a fake streetart poster ad, a rooftop view, fusion food, optical illusions, cultural events, brunches and exploring the neighborhood. 

#rainy #day in #singapore / #umbrella #overpass #whosdatmexican / #lunches #brunches

#rainy #day in #singapore / #umbrella #overpass #whosdatmexican / #lunches #brunches

#hdb #balconies #publichousing #singapore  #architecture #facade

#hdb #balconies #publichousing #singapore #architecture #facade

after some research, this seems to be a streetart / political thing, that is related to elections. Gotta find out more, it’s a rare sight in #SINcity ! #diso528 #singapore #streetart #postering #democracy #elections #politics #duxtonhill #newhood

after some research, this seems to be a streetart / political thing, that is related to elections. Gotta find out more, it’s a rare sight in #SINcity ! #diso528 #singapore #streetart #postering #democracy #elections #politics #duxtonhill #newhood